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Najma Hush, the author of A Life of Recluse, the only interactive hypertext fiction that combines literature with still and video imagery, including sound and music.   With a nonlinear narrative progression, composed through the medium of 81 nodes, this story is very short and technologically speaking, quite simple.  However, it tells a complex and enigmatic story about race, culture and the struggle to affirm ones personal identity.   First published, 20th April 2007 as HTML.  Re-released on wordpress ( May’2013).

Author description:

Set in 1997, Lowestoft; Britain’s forgotten seaside town, this is a dark and disturbing story about five friends, each from different national and cultural backgrounds, who are ‘allowed to be free, yet not free to be allowed‘.  To challenge the notions of individuality and personal identity, the author seeks to explore various cultural and personal constraints through the lives of each of the characters and reveal what they are prepared to risk and lose in order that they may gain their personal freedom.


Be prepared to feel slightly uncomfortable, disorientated and sometimes disturbed.  To hear the sound, turn on the computer’s speakers or plug in headphones. To begin click the image on this page or hit, The Story  icon in the menu.  To navigate through the story click the hyperlinks or the images embedded within the text   Should you wish to rest and continue your reading later, simply bookmark the page.

life's a beach

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